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At Doug's Construction and Repair, we are best provider of AC repair services in Rigby. We understand each of our customers needs when it comes to heating and cooling, which is why we strive to give them the best installation and repair services in the industry. Have an emergency? Don't worry. Our technicians are on hand 24 hours a day to help you with any issues your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater is experiencing.

We specialize in the routine maintenance every air conditioner needs. All homeowners should be sure to have their AC unit each year. Spending a little of bit of money on this each year can save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your AC unit because you will be avoiding major repairs. Just like your cars, furnaces, and boats, it is much cheaper to perform preventative maintenance on your AC unit than pay for extreme emergencies when they arise, especially if you have an older unit.

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  • Air Conditioners, Furnaces (HVAC) & Water Heaters as low as $35 a month
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We stand by our commitment to getting our customers quality service at a fair price. We are so confident in this we invite you to get quotes from our competitors. You should be aware, though, there are some scam artists in this industry, so do your homework about any company you are considering hiring. If you do get a quote lower than ours, bring it to us. We can almost always match or beat the price if it is a reputable company. We even offer same day financing to our qualified customers.

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HVAC Services

If you are looking for the best services for you air conditioner Rigby has to offer, we are the right choice. We offer comprehensive air conditioner repair and replacement at an affordable price. We perform both single and two-stage repairs. We even offer great energy-saving AC units that can help pay for themselves by reducing your monthly energy bills. In some cases, these units pay for themselves over their lifespan.

You would be surprised at how many people make the mistake of purchasing the wrong AC unit or furnace for their home. Each home has different ductwork and ventilation. Getting the wrong system can cost homeowners a lot of money. This is why our trained technicians will inspect your home and its ventilation system to ascertain what the best unit is, getting you the perfect airflow and energy efficiency for your situation. In our experience, choosing the wrong unit is one of the most common and worst decisions a person can make regarding their system, costing them thousands during the 10-20 years they have the unit.

AC repairs aren't cheap. This is why many people choose to purchase a new unit instead of paying the $1000 on average that each repair costs. We recommend Goodman products when it comes to your air conditioner or your furnace because they are quality units that last for years and are energy efficient.

Our services are affordable, starting at just $95 per visit, so call us if you are having a problem and need it fixed. Also, if you need a new furnace or AC unit, don't hesitate to call us because you think you can't afford it. With our financing program, qualified homeowners can have a new unit for as little as $35 a month, making it affordable for anyone.

Old systems and bad brands are prone to more frequent problems, not operating up to newer, more cost-effective performance levels. Over time, you could end up spending more than it would cost to replace the old system with a newer, energy-efficient, modulating furnace. We recommend Goodman Air Conditioners and Furnaces. Image Credit

Water Heater Services in Rigby

We can also provide services for your home's water heater whether you have a tanked or tankless unit. We even work on boilers. Water heaters have a similar lifespan to air conditioners, so it may be cheaper to replace yours rather than have it repaired every few months. These costs really add up over time, making replacement a better option.

Your water heater is something you should have serviced at least on an annual basis. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to any aspect of your home. This is the only way to guarantee you have a working water heater for as long as possible while keeping it as energy-efficient. We are the best service provider for you water heater repair in Rigby has to offer, so call us today for a repair or installation quote.

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Whether it is for air conditioning, furnace or water heater repair, call on our EPA certified technicians at Doug’s Construction and Repair to keep you comfortable in your home. We do everything we can to ensure your system operates efficiently and affordably.

We are committed to your satisfaction, which is why we are here now and tomorrow. It is not in our interest to appease with low-cost brands that have questionable ratings. Too often, we have seen unsuspecting residents going for a deal that only ends up costing them triple and quadruple the savings originally projected. We project the confidence we have as we stand behind our work. Call us today for a quick consultation and let us get your home back to providing proper indoor air quality at a price you can be happy about.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Low cost brands like Carrier or Day & Night.
  • Scams claiming you can save up $1,500 (end up paying $7,000 for a $4,000 furnace we could have installed)
  • Brands of furnaces that have bad BBB ratings

Fast Service in Rigby

Call us today for any air conditioner, furnace, or water heater needs. We have a long list of satisfied customers in the Eastern Idaho area. We always strive to get our clients the lowest prices and will match the price of any professional competitor.